Hi, I'm Edward, a software developer with 16 months of professional experience. I am seeking an entry-level position to further enhance my skills. I recently completed a diploma in Software Engineering at Conestoga College in Waterloo, Canada. I am customer-focused, team-oriented, and committed to delivering high-quality solutions.

Work Experience

  • Software Developer intern at Geotab from May 2022 to August 2023.
  • Fulfilled all duties of a full time Software Developer, including feature development, refactoring, debugging, and troubleshooting.
  • I worked in a fullstack team developing the MyGeotab fleet management platform. I got to work on features that help fleet managers increase safety and make it easier to maintain their vehicles.
  • I also had the opportunity to work in a backend development team that maintains and develops the main server that processes more than 55 billion data points from over 3 million devices every day.
  • I learned a lot working in a challenging environment to scale a 20+ year old product using cutting edge technology in C#/.NET 7, TypeScript, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experienced team player with excellent communication, organization, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.


  • Completed Software Engineering Technician Diploma at Conestoga College, August 2023.
  • Achieved 4.0 GPA first year, and 3.91 second year.
  • Executive Lead in the Google Developer Student Club at Conestoga from Sept 2022 to Sept 2023.


  • Enjoys attending workshops, hackathons, and working on personal projects.
  • When not working on software projects, I am usually in the kitchen cooking up a food project.
  • Other activities include hiking, camping, travel, photography, strategy games, and reading science fiction & fantasy.




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